A Steampunk Vibe

The winged typewriter flew out of my head at 2am. Thankfully, I’d found a graphics guy to transform my crazy o’clock epiphany sketch into the Words on a Page logo.

Words on a Page

There are quite a few alternative history science-fiction steampunk novels on my book shelf.  Most of them are set in a dystopian Victoriana world of the retro-future, where steam powers modern devices that are uniquely crafted in brass and wood.

Steampunk is a bit edgy.  It goes against convention.

I’m not your standard run-of-the-mill copywriter.  Creativity counts.  Character matters.

The typewriter taking flight could be a steampunk nod to the internet.  The quill plugged into a socket playfully points to the retro-future amalgam.

My brand, particularly the tagline - modern communication powered by the traditional craft of writing – harnesses technological developments and also tips the hat to history, exposing a yearning for authentic, quality communication.

Between the lines, it’s also a little bit discerning. 

Most people have the technological tools with which to shout something, anything into the cyber sphere.  This sometimes feels like a dystopian world gone mad with white noise. 

Quality writing matters and it can be the hero that makes a difference.

Words on a Page

Wordsmithing is not a craft everyone can master.  It requires passion and talent.  The simplicity of great writing often hides the complexity of the workmanship.

Words on a Page was launched to create distinctive and tailored writing.  It’s a bespoke service to help people and businesses who want their ideas to fly.