You have ideas but need help to pull the words out of your head.

You know your stuff but need people to know what you're about.

You could throw words together but you really don’t have the time.

Well, I would like a word with you.


I am a strategic thinking wordsmith.

I can put in a good word, state the case or tell your story.

I will write, so you can spread the word.

Whatever your purpose, I'll craft the words on a page.


Convey important stuff in a report or executive summary.

Seek recognition through grant or award applications.

Connect through the media or an engaging presentation.

Show people they need you with clever print or web words.


Sometimes words need to be crafted beyond 280 characters.

By asking insightful questions, I create tailored and targeted writing.

I’ll consult with cohorts, chat with a couple or converse with just you.

So let's get together and put your words on a page.

Words on a Page